AKA products

AKA designs and manufactures Prepackaged Reconfigurable Integrated System-on-Module (PRISM) solutions that enable advanced embedded system design. AKA's high-performance PRISMs combine standard CPU subsystems including memories, boot devices, and standard interfaces with an FPGA fabric all into one miniaturized package with a single rail voltage supply. These building blocks are fast replacing other custom and standard platforms as they accelerate time to market, reduce system size, cut costs, and protect against obsolescence. AKA's PRISM solutions come with industry standard peripherals and software that target a broad range of markets including mil/aero, defense, medical, industrial, automotive and communications.

AKA’s PRISM solutions offer:
  • A fully-tested, highly-reliable, scaleable, efficient and high-performing solution that allows customers to focus solely on their end application.

  • A powerful and elegant way to incorporate today's latest technologies and capabilities into customer designs within the shortest possible time and the least amount of effort.

  • A prepackaged solution with all relevant hardware and software to serve the needs of specific industry verticals. Further, AKA allows customization and tailoring of the modules to customer-specific needs to gain efficiencies in cost, performance and applicability.

  • An ideal solution suited for many embedded applications including Custom-Component-Replacement (CCR), miniaturization, high-reliability applications including self-diagnosing/self-healing systems and high-performance systems.